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Credential Verification

Credential Verification

Any use of the WOCNCB certification designations by persons who have not been certified or whose credentials have lapsed is unauthorized and constitutes fraud.

To protect the validity of WOCNCB credentials, the WOCNCB depends upon WOCNCB certificants, WOCN® Society members, employers and the public to report incidents that may require action by the Credential Review and Appeals Committee.

Please click here to submit a formal complaint.

For a complete copy of the WOCNCBís Credential Review and Appeals process, click here or contact our office at

Certification Online Verification Form

The data contained here reflects certification exams taken approximately 8 weeks ago. New certifications or updated information can be obtained by contacting the WOCNCB at 1-888-496-2622.

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The information contained on this Web site is a true and accurate reflection of our records that are derived from primary source data. While the WOCNCB believes the information to be reliable, human or mechanical error remains a possibility, as well as delays in the posting or updating of the information.

If you have questions or are having difficulties, please call 1-888-496-2622.

Use of Trademarked Credentials

Appropriate use of titles, licensure designation, credentials, and specialty designations has legal and ethical implications and has been an ongoing area of concern for the WOCNCB. Click here to read the Position Statement.

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