Professional Growth Program (PGP)

Only current certificants are eligible for recertification. You must be currently licensed as a Registered Nurse. A copy of your current license must be submitted with your information.

NOTE: To recertify WOC - AP credentials the requirements are different than this PGP for WOC recertification. Please click on the link below to access the portfolio information for recertification of an -AP credential:

It is not permissible to recertify through the Professional Growth Program (PGP) if you first fail the examinations for that recertification cycle.

PGP Process

  1. You may submit a PGP portfolio up to 6 months but no later than 3 months prior to current credentials expiration
  2. Create an online account at:
  3. Access your account any time continually adding activities/projects
  4. Portfolio is reviewed for content and approved by PGP Committee
  5. If approved, recertification is granted
  6. If revisions are required You are LIMITED to 2 resubmissions (initial plus 2 revisions)
  7. If a portfolio is not approved after the resubmissions, it is a failed portfolio
  8. Failed PGP candidates must recertify via examination and submit an exam application and fees (All of this must be completed prior to credentials expiring)
NOTE: You may not have first failed the examination for the current recertification period.
NOTE: Candidates with multiple specialties may select to PGP or Exam for each specialty. This is indicated at the time of portfolio submission and is considered "combination recertification".

PGP Resources

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