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Every day, policies are enacted by state and federal legislators that can have a long-term impact on patient health and well-being. The WOCNCB Public Policy Committee helps you identify and respond to the issues that affect you and your patients.

2013 Legislative Events for Nurses

This helpful list provides dates and contact information for most state and national events, from Arizona Nurses Association Lobby Day through Wyoming Day at the Legislature, as well as National Nurses Day and National Black Nurses Day on Capitol Hill.*

The WOCNCB's Public Policy web page has more links to resources that can help you become more politically knowledgeable and active.

*Is your state's information missing? Send the date and contact information to

State Date
Alabama State Nurses Association
Call: 334-262-8322
Alaska 5/6-5/12-2013
Arizona Nurses Association Lobby Day 2/12/2013
May 6-12, 2013
California RN Days in Sacramento 4/16/2012
Colorado; 303-757-5049
Connecticut Legislative Day 3/28/2012
Delaware 1/24/2013
Florida Lobby Days Conference
Georgia Nurses Association Legislative Day 1/24/2013
Indiana Advanced Legislative Conference 2/13/2013 or 3/6/2013
Iowa Nurse Practitioner Unavailable
Kansas Day at the Legislature 2/7/2013
Louisiana State Nurses Association Unavailable
Maine Unavailable
Maryland Nurses Lobby Night 2/18/2013
Massachusetts Unavailable
Michigan Nurses March! Unavailable
Minnesota Nurses Day on the Hill 5/20/2013
Mississippi 1/24/2013 & 1/29/2013
Missouri Nurse Advocacy Day 2/20/2013
Montana Unavailable
National Black Nurses Day on Capitol Hill 2/7/2013
National Nurses Day 5/6/2013
North Dakota Unavailable
Nebraska Nurses Day at the Legislature Unavailable
New Hampshire Health Policy Days Unavailable
New Mexico Capitol Challenge 2/7 & 8/13
New York Annual Lobby Day Unavailable
New York Legislative Workshop 3/19/2012 & 3/20/2012
New Jersey
New Jersey APN Day on Capital Hill
June 17, 2013
North Carolina Nurse of the Day at the General Assembly 2/12/13 & 3/5/13
Nevada 2/27/2013
Ohio Nurses Day at the State House 2/20/2013
Oklahoma Nurses Day at the Capitol 3/5/2013
Oregon 2/19/2013
Pennsylvania Nurse's Lobby Unavailable
Pennsylvania Nursing Congress 4/16/2013
Rhode Island Unavailable
South Carolina Unavailable
South Dakota Nurses Day at the Legislature Unavailable
Tennessee Nurses Association Legislative Summit 4/9/2013
Texas Nurses Association Unavailable
Utah NP Day at Legislature - State Capitol
Vermont Nurses' Day at the Legislature;
Lynne Dapice 802-651-8886
Virginia State Nurses Day 2/16/2013
Washington Nurse Legislative Day 2/11/2013
Wisconsin Nurses Day at the Capitol 3/5/2013
West Virginia Unity Day at State Capitol 2/13/2013
Wyoming Day at the Legislature 1/24-25/2013

*Is your state's information missing? Send the date and contact information to

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