Foot Care Exam

Initial (first-time) candidates must:Foot and Nail

  1. Have a current RN License
  2. Hold a Bachelor’s Degree (or higher) - all Baccalaureate degrees applicable
  3. Have 24 CE/CME credits (contact hours) specific to foot care. Note: 8 of 24 CE/CME may be in basic skin and wound care.
  4. Have 40 clinical hours under the direct supervision of an expert in foot care. Note: 12 of the 40 clinical hours may be in basic skin and wound care under the direct supervision of a wound care expert. The wound care expert may include a CWCN®, CWCN-AP®, DPM or an MD specializing in wound care (a WTA-C does not qualify).
  5. To track your CE and clinical hours, click here.

Both the CE/CME credits (contact hours) and clinical hours must be completed within the previous 5 years from the date of the application while functioning as an RN.

Note: All who currently hold the certification are able to recertify their CFCN® credential as long as there is no lapse in certification. If credentials lapse, a Bachelor's degree will be required for establishing certification.

CFCN FAST TRACK eligibility for current CWCN, CWON or CWOCN

If you hold a CWCN, it will replace the 8CE/CME in basic skin/wound care as well as the 12 clinical hours specific to skin/wound care needed!

Full eligibility information is outlined in the Candidate Examination Handbook



To assist applicants in identifying educational programs that will fulfill the 24 CE/CME required for eligibility, the following programs offer a minimum of 24 approved credits to apply for the CFCN. The number of clinical hours varies by program. The WOCNCB does not endorse or monitor the educational programs listed.

Includes 36 CE/CME hours. Requires 40 clinical hours, not provided by Emory to complete the certificate.

Includes 160 CE/CME hours and 40 clinical patient hours.

Up to 25 CE/CME hours and up to 40 clinical patient hours.

Course is a 5-unit academic credit course (40 hours of theory, 20 hours of skills practice, 45 hours of practicum).

This bundle provides 30.75 CE/CME hours. 

This bundle provides 16.3 CE/CME hours and is tailored for those who are currently a Certified Wound Care Nurse (CWCN, CWON, or CWOCN) pursuing certification using the fast track application. 

For a list of additional Foot Care education programs, click here

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